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How Chauffeur Driver and driver Differ?

Many people come across the term driver when choosing and hiring a car service. But rarely do they consider the term chauffeur driver when considering their screening and selection process. While Chauffeur driver and driver do the same task, which is operating a vehicle, however they do it a completely different manner. How do they differ?

A chauffeur driver is a driver who is the been driving for at least ten years. While a driver can be licensed today and start driving for Uber and Lyft with a car and an app. The difference between a driver whose been driving for over ten years will outperform a new driver in areas of constant road monitoring. A chauffeur will be driving his/her passenger but also be monitoring other motorists, weather conditions including any atmospheric winds and adjusting the speed and distance accordingly. A chauffeur whose been driving for over ten years has mastered the skills of route planning, alternate route planning and adjustments in road navigation. Whereas a driver who has no clue about alternate thorough fares, cross streets, intersections and highway entrances and exits and rest stops along a 100-mile stretch of a highway. Yet a driver drives a car and so does a chauffeur driver. There are more differences in how a driver drives and a professional chauffeur driver.

The chauffeuring school teaches a chauffeur driver to drive with extra care and duty. When we say care, it does not mean and imply being a nice guy with a rating of 4.9 on uber app. The extra care comes from caring to be on pickup on time. Other details about care of duty includes ensuring vehicle inspection before chauffeur starts his/her shift. The vehicle inspection is not only signals, bulbs, and lights but also includes exterior inspection. While many limousine companies have a safety sheet, many chauffeurs will also inspect engine, brake, and transmission fluids to be at full level.  When did an Uber driver check motor oil, brake fluid, inspect serpentine belts or maybe even coolant?  So yes, driver and chauffeur driver both drive cars, but they perform the driving task in a completely different manner. How much more does my professional chauffeur care over my highly rated 4.9 Uber driver differ?

So, your nice Uber driver may agree with you on every conversation on the way to JFK Airport on a congested Friday. But how much does he care about the traffic affecting your travel plans, lateness or even missing your flight? This is where the professional chauffeur driver’s navigational expertise come into action. With extra care, the chauffeur will consider these factors and make needed route adjustments by bypassing heavily congested bridges and highways to get their passenger to their destination on time. This care of duty is taught in any professional chauffeuring school to drivers pursuing professional driving career.

Once again, your driver could be a part time college kid or newly licensed nice guy doing uber driving gig with door dash, whereas the chauffeur is a professional driver with experience seeking to transport passengers who require professional chauffeur service.

A professional chauffeur may be required for business meetings, airport trips, weddings, concerts, transporting bosses, celebrity, and or maybe a special employee to an event. Maybe even during inclement weather a chauffeur may be critical for travel over a driver. So the differences exist between a driver and a chauffeur because one is a driver and the other is a driven by details and care.

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